Monday, 3 June 2013

Apparently you have to buy Lotto tickets to win???

Apparently you have to buy Lotto tickets to win???
3 June 2013

Man, I seriously want to win the Lotto.  As in really, really badly.  You have no idea!

And apart from wanting to win the Lotto the whole year through, I am particularly overcome by feelings of desire to win in winter, when my income starts shrivelling away.  In fact, it would make a marvellous supplement to my income.  How neat!  In fact, it would be justified.

Occasionally I get all swept up in thoughts of what I'm going to do with my winnings.  Excitement grabs a hold of me, and I get all enthused and optimistic.  Dreaming big dreams.  A lovely, charming house in Somerset West, within walking distance of schools.  Four bedrooms at least, double storey, pool as well as a fireplace a must.

Perhaps a lovely family holiday.  Maybe even a trip overseas.  Visits to my sister.  A gondola ride. My hot air balloon dream too.  Helping my family.  Some of the charities that are close to my heart.  And just in general, helping people in need.

And then I get crushed down to earth when I remember again.  Apparently you have to buy a Lotto ticket first to enable you to win.  How cruel!  How exclusive and unfair!  How mean!!!

The irony is of course, that one has a far greater chance of being killed by a shark, than winning the Lotto.  And we all know how “great” (gotta love puns) your chance is of getting killed by a shark.  Particularly if you don’t even go close to the sea.  Still the shark attack odds outweigh the Lotto ones by far.  Truly bizarre!

But maybe it is the building of the those castles in the sky, that keeps us going when the going gets tough.  That lifts our spirits and pushes us forward.  That gives us our oomph and our mojo too.

Because if you can’t dream big, then what is the point in dreaming at all?  Imagine if we all simply knuckled down and accepted our fates.  And our reality.  How narrow our worlds would be.  How bleak and colourless.  Devoid of sparkle.

And so, I shall continue to dream big.  To plan on what I’m going to be spending my Lotto winnings on.  The adventures I’ll have.  The opportunities I’ll be afforded.  The good times.  The fun times.  The best of times.

And just every now and then, I’ll endeavour to remember to actually buy myself a ticket.  Simply to up my odds a bit more.

Which all makes me think of a charming little joke that my uncle once told me.  It’s about this guy, that hits the Lotto jackpot and wins really big.  R10 000 000 to be exact.  Can you just imagine his elation?  His feelings of joy?  And so, a friend asked him what he was planning on doing with his winnings.  To which he replied, “I’m going to pay my debts”.  And, when his friend then enquired as to what he was going to do with the rest?  He replied,

“They’ll just have to wait for their money”.

It is just too funny and makes me giggle whenever I remember it. 

Those darn lucky balls

Maker of dreams?

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  1. Ha haaa Helene absolutely excellent!!
    Many of us can identify with that, I'm sure!!

    I remember making sums at 11Million and realising it was just not enough - really unselfish dreams for my famliy!!