Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I'm having a flat day

I'm having a flat day
12 June 2013

I’m having a flat day.  It happens.  Actually lately, I’ve been bamboozled by a few.  And I really, really wish they would leave.

I’m the happy person.  The upbeat one.  The optimistic-glass-half-full type of person.  But just for the last few days, my jolly act has been just that.  An act.  Hoping it’s been good and left most people none the wiser.  Usually, I am even able to convince myself with my act.  But sadly, I haven't been able to buy my own attempt.

I know why I’m feeling like this.  It is all external forces.  But once again, I just wish they’d bugger off already.  I need to shake the flu, as well as the blues, and harness my mojo once more.

In an attempt to get back a bit of my gloss, I even baked fairy cupcakes this afternoon.  A true sign that I’m far gone, when baking is my inspiration.  Still, the sugar rush did help for a bit.  Most notably when I ate Luke’s portion too – shame the poor boy was feeling a bit poorly.  In fact, me relieving him of his cupcakes was actually a kindness.  A selfless gesture.  Though I did have a hard time batting Amber away (I actually did share with her too).

And so tomorrow will be a new day, and I’m setting fool proof plans into motion to ensure a great day:

1)  I’ve set my alarm to an awesome tune – “Here Comes The Sun”, by the Beatles.  Absolute winner song!  Sure to start my day off happy.

2)  I will wear my favourite pair of jeans (a.k.a. jeanpant) – My awesome pair of True Religions that I love with a passion!

3)  I am visiting my Ouma Helene first thing in the morning, straight after dropping kids off at school – She is a natural mood lifter and I have to do a favour for her and one of her friends, and so being in service and helping will make me feel super good too.

4)  I will pack homemade cupcakes in my kids lunch boxes for school – This will make me feel all earth-mother-ish and proud of myself, especially as they never get homemade treats in their school lunches.  Apart from sarmies, which I make of course.  As well as fruit (which I hand pick – from the packet…).  As well as biscuits (which I will hand-le when I pack them in).  I know – I think of everything!  Actually, on second thought, they don’t do to badly on the average day either.

5)  Once I’m home again tomorrow morning, after helping the golden oldies, I will have an awesome cup of coffee, accompanied by a very good book (This Charming Man, by Marianne Keyes – simply can’t put it down!), all whilst sitting on the beanbag in Amber’s bedroom, catching a few winter sunrays.

6)  I will have to indulge in some chocolate tomorrow – this might or might not coincide with the coffee and book episode, mentioned above.  Grant is in Namibia for a few days (how he suffers for his career), but he had the foresight to get me a choccie before he left – clever man!

7)  I will plot an easy supper for tomorrow night – I’m thinking pancakes.

8)  Once I have collected all of my kidlets from their various schools, we shall jointly rejoice in exams being over and celebrate in true style (see pancake reference above – as good an excuse as any).

9)  For a spot of entertainment tomorrow afternoon, I will have the privilege of watching all of the students performing their exam dances at Amber’s dancing studio.  This in celebration of the term ending and everyone getting their exam results.

10)  For my evening’s entertainment tomorrow night, I will indulge in at least two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.  A mere five minutes of being exposed to McDreamy is a marvellous cure for most ails.  I think it’s the hair and the fact that I am particularly vulnerable to really good hair.  Especially given my husband’s lack…….  Not that I mind his dome.  When I want to tease him, I pretend to shine it.  It has a wonderful lustre in just the right light…

11)  Freshly squeezed orange juice is also such an awesome pick-me-up.  Perhaps it’s the colour?  No, it’s the taste.  And the texture.  No, it’s really the colour.  I mean taste.

12)  I will indulge in a brief youtube fest.  I will only watch something happy.  Perhaps a proposal flashmob (I know – I’m just such a girl).  Something that will bring a smile to my face.  Perhaps a quirky wedding dance (yes, yes, we’ve already established that I’m a girl).  Something that will uplift me.  Perhaps a wedding-flashmob (blah-blah-blah).  By the way – you simply have to watch this awesome clip,  And here’s another uber great one – ironically for the same song,  Sorry, I got a bit side tracked there, in looking through these clips, and accidently cheered myself up already.  Oops!  Will simply have to do it again tomorrow.

13)  I’m going to get myself some bubble wrap.  It is physically impossible to have a flat day, if you’re popping bubble wrap at the same time. 

14)  I will open my eyes and my ears when I am out and about in my day, and take note of those less fortunate than me.  Perhaps I’ll make some extra sarmies and hand them out.  Nearly every intersection seems to have a homeless person in dire need, begging for help.  I understand that begging is not to be encouraged and giving them money, is not always wise.  But food, is a different matter altogether.  I will feel so good, if I’ve helped even one person to not be hungry.  Alternatively, I’ll make a turn at the soup kitchen and drop some goodies off there.

15)  I will read one of my favourite children’s books, called “Willy the Dreamer”.  It is one of the most amazing books ever.  The illustrations are so sharp and witty and a lot of the pictures are actually more geared towards an adult.  Not that the content is risqué at all, but there are subtle references to things only adults will pick up.  Like a Salvadore Dali type painting.  Do yourself a favour – check it out.  It is an extremely clever little book and has entertained me endlessly.  I keep finding new things in it, and I’ve had it for years.

16)  I will find a baby and hug that baby.  Furthermore, I will smile at strangers.  Whilst driving in my car.  And while doing my shopping too.  My own private little version of playing the kiddies game, “sweet and sour”.  A favourite.  I know, I’m a bit naff.  Because the thing is, if you smile at someone, most people will smile back.  And how can that not lift your spirits?

Actually, I must confess.  My flat day, has through the process of writing this blog, turned into a fabulous day after all.  I have managed to cheer myself up already.  I know that tomorrow’s going to be a winner.  How can it not?

My plans have been made.  My mind’s in the zone.

To be one hundred percent truthful, I feel my mojo oozing back already.  Yay!!!

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Instant pick-me-up - Just add bubble wrap
Watch something happy - it WILL cheer you up

One of my fave books - Willy the Dreamer.  Love, love, LOVE!!!
Too many awesome characters all on one page - King Kong, Tarzan, Mary Poppins, Frankenstein, Dracula, Charlie Chaplin, Tin Man, one of the dwarves, etc. Lots and lots of fine details and bananas everywhere!

Willy the painter and Willy the explorer - classic!
Willy's take on the classic Salvadore Dali Clocks

And the original



  1. You have certainly cheered up my day!
    I hope your mood and situation picks up real soon!!


  2. Ahhh - into each life some flats must fall. But you've done a damn good job of kicking your own backside and unflatting yourself. xx

  3. Hi Helene Greys Anatomy is a must... all those hot doctors!!! Have a look for a animation Shaun the sheep it is done in the same style as Wallace & Gromit and you cannot help but be cheered up by Shauns antics and the song is fun too xx

  4. Fabulously expressed! So glad you 'chose' to feel better! Thanks for sharing! xxx