Friday, 7 December 2012

I've passed yet again!

I've passed yet again!
7 December 2012

Yabba-dabba-dooo!  I’ve passed yet again.  I’m feeling ever so chuffed and very bright too.  I’ve just passed Grade 8 for the 2nd time.  I’ve passed Grade 4 for the 3rd time.  And I’ve passed Grade 2 for the 4th time.  In fact, I think I might finally have a good handle on Grade 2 right about now.  Sure I will have it near perfected by the time I do it a 5th time.  If only there was going to be a 5th time.  But my mean husband won’t take the bait.  Just think, I would cream it if I did it once more.  For that matter, watch out Mrs Viljoen! 

So summer holidays are here.  I give a huge sigh of relief, because after the last few weeks I feel just plain shattered.  There is a reason for the December holidays being over 6 weeks long.  Us parents need the time to fully recover.  Never mind the exams, the sport, the orals and projects, the extra-murals and multitude of daily notices.  The real cause for the need for rest is financial exhaustion.  I’m completely tapped out.  For the last few weeks not a single day has passed when one of kids has not needed money for something. 

It’s been school photo’s, text books, stationary, music fees (okay, so I was late paying that one), Dance Demo tickets, Talent show tickets, Noddy tickets, collections for presents for teachers, collections for hampers for school workers, Toys for Joy, Rotary Anns, School movie days including popcorn, School Christmas Carol tickets, presents for teachers and coaches, money for flash drives for school for next year, deposits for extra lessons, deposits for swimming lessons and so the list goes on and on.  Seemingly forever more. 

The financial demands seem insurmountable at times.  Added to that I need to feed my family each day.  Three times to be exact and that’s not counting school snacks.  Amber’s having a birthday next week, so a party will have to happen.  Christmas is around the corner.  My domestic worker whom I love dearly will deserve a good bonus. 

And because I work for myself and not a boss (a perk I thoroughly enjoy), it does however present a few challenges.  Mainly, my income fluctuates and varies from month to month.  Added to that I’m hugely dependant on good weather.  The down side is that I start every single month with a zero balance.  As in zippo.  Zilch.  Nada.  Not a friggin cent.  And I know how much income I need to generate.  I can never afford to be sick.  I don’t do holidays, not even Christmas. 

So for now, in my summer season, I’m trying to milk it as much as I can.  The problem is that I end up playing catch up and not really saving for the burdens that await me once school starts again.  Because we all know that from the very first day, the letters will start once more.  Money for this and for that and even for that too.  I often laugh, because a good friend of mine, though happily married, regularly says that she’s never marrying for love again.  The next time she marries, she clearly states it will be for financial gain only.  Husband number two can be ancient and ugly as long as he’s loaded.  I think husband number one will quite happily go along with her plan.

But just for today, I’ll breathe a big sigh of relief.  I’ll take the day off and skip the worrying until tomorrow again.  For now the kids are on holiday and all is right with my world.  My chickens are home and under my feet.  We’ve said no to holiday sporting clinics and fun holiday clubs.  My kids are also exhausted and need a good break.  All of us do.

We’re all basking in the glory of six summer filled weeks lying ahead.  The fun we’ll have.  The rest and relaxation.

Long may the holidays last.  I need the reprieve!

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