Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The male Praying Mantis - an advocate for abstinence

The male Praying Mantis - an advocate for abstinence
7 October 2014

Now here’s the thing – if ever there is an excellent argument for abstinence, surely the male Praying Mantis is it.

Sex = death.  Actually to be fair, violent death.  By cannibalistic decapitation.

At the hands of your lover.  Or more accurately, your lover’s mouth.

Talk about being bad at pillow talk!!! 

There are easier ways to avoid the awkward after-love conversation.  As well as the uneasy morning-after banter.

Which makes me think about the classic Praying Mantis pose.

Exactly what are they praying for?  Hoping they don’t meet any hot chicks?  Praying they make it to the gay bar in time, before coming across a sexy lady Mantis?

Our men have so much to be grateful for in comparison.

Still they whine.

Perhaps those ladies, that decline their men conjugal pleasures, are doing it to protect them.

From potential decapitation?

Must say – never really thought of that angle before.

Just imagine if, like the poor male praying mantis (post coitus), we too had an obvious tell - divulging our secrets as to what we’ve been up to.  Prancing about without a head, is really a “dead” give-away.

Or even worse - a tell as to what we’ve been thinking.

I can keep a perfectly polite face.  Masking what’s really happening on the inside.

Which is just as well.

I think we all do it.

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  1. Very interesting angle on the whiners..................
    That photo is sick.