Sunday, 5 October 2014

Amber is slipping away


Amber is slipping away
5 October 2014

It is a sad fact of life, that as my daughter is growing up, she is moving further and further away from me.

She’s still only twelve and a half.  Yet I witness it already.

I’m becoming surplus to requirements.  No longer so needed.  She finds me too strict.  Too restrictive.  Not giving her enough freedom.  I suspect she thinks I’m too clingy.

Which is of course true.

It’s doubly hard, because this will be my second teen.

I’m still very much in the thick of it with Luke.  Which is heart breaking on its own.

I know – I’m pathetic.

This is how it is supposed to be.  As they get older, they gain more independence.  Need less influence.  And your opinion is no longer so valued.  Or sought after.

Luckily for me, the little girl is still in there.  For lots of the time.  Yet the teenage glimpses and visions of what lies ahead, makes me sad.

We still have a good and very close relationship.  She tells me lots, and shares with me.  Yet she’s pulling away.  Teeny tiny little bits. 

I also find it interesting, how she is gravitating towards her adoring Daddy.  Who absolutely loves his role as protector.  Her greatest champion.  Her biggest fan.

This is also the way it is supposed to be. 

They have a friendly teasing banter, which is really sweet.  A wonderfully close bond.

I cherish the chats and closeness we have.  And look forward to this deepening in years to come.  Especially once the excessive flood of hormones, eventually starts to wane.  And I perhaps gain a bit of increased popularity once more.

My deepest desire, is to have with her, what I have with my mom.  An unbreakable bond of friendship, support, understanding and love.

The link between a little girl and her Dad is super special.  As is the link between a little girl and her Mom.

Love you Amber-Berry!


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  1. Their move away is temporary! And they not far! And they do come back!