Thursday, 1 January 2015

Fare thee well 2014, and hello 2015!

Fare thee well 2014, and hello 2015!
1 January 2015

Oh my word!  Firstly, huge big apologies for being so scarce.  I’m missing my writing terribly.  I started a new job towards the end of September, and am finding it increasingly difficult to juggle work, my family, my home, my Jumping Castle business, daily walks and blogging.  And thus walking and blogging have taken a bit of a backseat.  And oh how I miss it!

It is amazing how fulfilling and creative writing is.  How it opens a space in my head and truly taps into my core.  Making me take stock of my life, on a daily basis. 

The end of an old year and the dawn of a new year, is also traditionally the time when others take stock of their lives too.  People reflect on the year that has been.  Some set goals for the year to be.  It is also a time to ponder.  To give thanks for the good that was.  And wave goodbye to the awful that’s passed.

For me, 2014 was a challenging year.  I’ve taken a few knocks along the way.  Some hard.  Some even harder.  Others a mere blimp, yet they caused ripples nonetheless.  But there was great joy too.

My motto has always been to not dwell on the things and situations that have brought me sorrow, discomfort and pain.  I’d far rather embrace the good.  Rejoice in the wonder, the magic, the best bits of life.

For me, 2014 shall always be remembered as the year I fell majorly in love with my Grantie again.  In a really big way.

We hit a few doozies in 2014.  Faced a few obstacles.  But we’ve grown stronger.  Closer.  Become more connected.  Enjoyed one another more.

I’ve realised that he will always have my back.  As I have his.  Be my staunchest supporter.  And that we make a really, really good team.

And thus, I’m not setting any major goals for 2015.  I just want to come out at the end of it all.  And think to myself, that despite the many ups and downs, I’ve still got my Grantie.

And in my book that’s great.

Perhaps at the end of it all, life is not about the experiences you’ve had.  The places you’ve been.  The things you’ve accumulated.  The stuff you’ve done.

It’s about the people that have joined you on your journey.  And I’ve clearly picked a great crew.

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  1. It was a hard year in many way, but you keep smiling!!
    Very proud of you and Grant!!
    I hope 2015 will be an awesome year for you!!

    So good to have a new blog. I do miss them a LOT!!

  2. Awwwww...... such a nice blog! In the end, its all about our people, our family, our person.......... they make it all worthwhile!

  3. And by the way, so happy to find these new blogs and catch up. I do miss them so much! Used to be my daily bread! But a busy life is a good life! Please keep them treackling through..........

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