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Albert Frost - The Dark Prince of Blues with his Fabulous Frau's Frost


Albert Frost - The Dark Prince of Blues with his Fabulous Frau's Frost
16 January 2016

So when your brother is the Dark Prince of Blues, and he asks you to join the family business, one doesnt simply say, Yes!.  The appropriate response is, Hell YES!!!.  Followed by, Btw can my first pay check be an old guitar case please?  Ive got this really cool project I want to do

So this is me.  Nerdy older sister of Mr Blues himself.  Truth be told, I was the musical genius of the family.  Until my annoying little brother picked up a guitar at the age of 13.  The rest, as they say, is history.  And what a happy day that was.  Chances are I wouldnt have been able to garner the same status as the legendary Albert Frost.  Cause lets keep it real - nobody was ever going to call me the Dark Princess of the Piano, with my moving rendition of Fur Elise

We are an exceptionally musical family.  And no, Im not just saying it.  Apart from a plethora of cousins, all playing in various bands and giving music lessons and the like, Im talking professional musicians here as well.  My brother-in-law, the legendary Robin Auld, is but one example.  Robin needs no introduction.  One of the most talented singer/songwriters ever.  Weve all been huge fans, since forever.  In fact, my sister was a fan first too.  Before deciding to marry him.  All for our benefit you see.  At our family Xmas concerts, he plays the guitar.  Along with my brother, my stepdad Rob Nagel (from the Blues Broers fame another professional muso), and a whole posse of cousins.  Even my grandfather joins the fray.  Personally, my youngest is a keen drummer.  Yip, at times our Xmas concert mimics a mini-music fest.  Complete with mosh-pit (okay, just kidding but my granny has to be held back at times from doing stage dives).

Apart from being musical, our family is a large one too.  No, I dont think you understand.  Im talking seriously beeeg!  Just this last Xmas, we had an intimate family gathering with a sit-down Xmas meal for 37 of the closest family members.  Unfortunately, not all were able to join...  Theres actually more of us.  Of the 37, Id say conservatively speaking, about 33 are proficient in at least one instrument.  Some more than one.  And as for the rest?  Those measly 4?  Well, theyre frustrated musicians.  And great music lovers.  And simply all of them sing in the shower.

My background is simple.  While younger brother sets off to conquer the world, one guitar riff at a time, older sister studies.  Gets married.  Has a trilogy of offspring, and works.  Occasionally for others, but mostly she has her own businesses.  However, she has this dirty little secret.  Which is actually not a secret at all.  Shes swopped her regular black and white piano keyboard, for a keyboard of another kind.  In her spare time, she writes a blog.  A delicious, delectable little pastime, giving her great joy.  And quite accidentally, she succeeds in getting a little audience.  A rather surprising turn of events.  Of late, older sister, has been working fulltime, whilst continuing to run her own business.  Leaving her little time for her writing passions.  But fortunes have changed, and jobs too.  Which brings us right back to square one.  Older sister now finds herself heading off into a completely new job direction, leaving her more time to blog once more.  In addition, shes been roped into the family business Albert Frost Productions. 

But is she the only family member involved?  Hell no!  Albert Frost has a secret weapon our Mom.  A woman, so fond of surnames, she has a few.  The inimitable, marvellously magical Maggie-Lombard-Loubser-Frost-Nagel.  Maggie has been doing music and the music scene since her wayward teenage years, with our father, Frank DFrost, and his numerous bands (Black Frost and also the Blues Broers cause you see my moms 1st and 2nd husbands were best friends, and played in the same band #truestory #notjoking #keepitinthefamily – actually, truth be told, my brother played in the very same Blues Broers – with both his dad and his stepdad at the same time – though they weren’t both married to our mom at the same time – that would’ve been even weirder).  Maggie is well known and loved in the music industry - for her knowledge, skill and passion.  She has an incredible grasp of the intricate ins and outs of SA music and she quite simply knows everybody out there.  The woman is a walking, breathing, living legend.  She is a veteran when it comes to arranging music festivals and is revered and adored by all.

So, exactly where does this leave our hero, The Dark Prince of Blues?  Well, it leaves him rather nicely.  Cause Albert and the Fraus Frost make an unbeatable team.  Conquering fans -  one song, one riff, and one gig at a time. 

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The Fabulous Frau's Frost - we're always laughing together - a favourite pastime
My favourite gals!

Aaahhh! Best brother in the whole world. Technically, he's my only brother. But, be that as it may - he's a good egg.

A trio of family muso's - Albert, stepdad Rob (fondly called Daya) and brother-in-law Robin (fondly called Old Sock by my sister - for undisclosed reasons)


  1. Dig it. I've missed your musings. Saw your boet in Noordhoek (my hood) the other night for the umpteenth time and he didn't disappoint. What a lovely family :)

  2. Delighted to have you back on the blog Helene!!!
    And to be joining me in the family business!
    Wonder what Daddy would have said!

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